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Fascinating interview with Katie Roiphe whose book, The Violet Hour is a study of writers and their approaches to death and dying. 

An Intelligence Squared debate on whether extending lifespans is a good idea or not.

10 Talks on Death:

"Death is a topic that is relevant to us all, and yet it simply isn’t pleasant to talk about. These speakers offer subtle reframes to help us face this fact of life more thoughtfully and with greater compassion."

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

Brittany Maynard's story and choice to end her life made headlines and sparked renewed conversation and interest in assisted suicide, also know as the death with dignity movement. This fund is designed to support the efforts to provide this option to everyone.


The architecture of hospitals and hospices should be reexamined. Let in the light and air!

Funeral home/burial costs MUST become transparent.

Is physician assisted death a "natural" death?

Now we know his intentions!

"Mr. Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, has given little indication of his intentions."

Mr. Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, has given little indication of his intentions.

"Senate Bill 128 would have allowed doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients. It passed the Senate last month, but stalled in the Assembly Health Committee two weeks ago over increasing objections from Latino Democrats."

Opinion piece in the New York Times.

Good article on the "Death With Dignity" bill now before the California Assembly.

"We also must do a better job of providing physicians with the tools and support to have honest discussions with patients about prognosis and quality of life. Every patient deserves a clear, fact-based assessment of life expectancy, untempered by heroic intent."

From Scientific American: "Right before dying, many people experience vivid and meaningful dreams and visions, according to accounts across cultures and throughout history. Yet little scientific research has investigated the phenomenon. A new study in the American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care, the first study to focus primarily on the patient's perspective, found that most of these dreams are a source of personal comfort."

"There are times that come along that we are forced to face issues of our own mortality and consider what might or should happen after we pass. Will we be respected? Will we be treated with dignity?

When the news came through social media that Jennifer Gable, age 32, had passed away, it left many shocked that such a young woman could die so suddenly. Then the news that left nearly the entire transgender community and many others absolutely maddened was the news that her family refused to recognize Jennifer as the woman she was."

"Is "dying with dignity" the best way to describe assisted suicide? Or is the term used too loosely now, offering false hope to us all?"