Driftwood bones on the beach
  Terror Management Theory (TMT) is a branch of psychology that has arisen out of the work of social anthropologist Ernest Becker and his book, "The Denial of Death". The theory is that humans are uniquely conscious of their own mortality which generates existential dread.
I am going to go out on a limb. Go out there with me for a bit. I've taken some drugs in my time. Admittedly, most were legal and common: caffeine, alcohol, aspirin, statins, the list is long. But I've also sampled a few currently on the illegal list: marijuana, mescaline, psilocybin. The line demarcating the two lists is largely drawn with a... Full Article
Desert Butte
We make many choices every day. Most are made unconsciously. But the current trend of learning "mindfulness" asks us to bring more choices into the conscious mind and take more control instead of being buffered by distractions and unruly emotions. This morning, the Spring sun shines brightly after rain has scrubbed the air. The trees are alive... Full Article