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The beauty of death is the grace it sheds upon the living.


Welcome to  Speaking of Death. We'd like to encourage conversations about death and dying, our own death and the deaths of those around us. What happens when we die? How might we live better until that moment? Where do our beliefs in death and after death come from? What legacy do we leave behind? We hope to explore these and many other questions surrounding the most universal and least understood event in our existence.

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Recently Added News and Resources


"SevenPonds reviews nine conversation starters that can help you and your loved ones open up about the last taboo"

“Fears of death feature heavily within illness anxiety and the somatoform disorders, with body checking, frequent medical appointments and reassurance seeking, and requests for medical testing being key behaviours in these conditions”

A discussion of the science and business of anti-aging and possibly defeating death.

"Do you want Facebook or Google to control your legacy?"

"Pokémon Go gives players the opportunity to have important conversations about death"


"We can choose how we live – why not how we leave? A free society should allow dying to be more deliberate and imaginative"

Debra Koosed was diagnosed with dementia at 65. That’s when she decided she no longer wanted to live.

"Today, Recompose — which would convert human remains to soil — is still just a concept. But it's approaching reality, with scientific testing done at Washington State University and legislative support in Olympia."

"With a little knowledge, practice, some training and experience, death feels less scary."

"It’s not nearly as cut and dry as it should be. The mortuary industry is the one that tends to control what’s going on in terms of home burials in California."