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Is it “Art imitates life,” or “Life imitates art”? I can never remember. Either way, the sudden revelation where an “art” experience uncannily mirrors “life” is always exciting. I recently had one of those revelations while listening to two podcasts, one fiction, one non-fiction, both dealing with overcoming death through crafting a digital legacy... Full Article
Palm Desert
One of the distinguishing features of Homo Sapiens, supposedly, is that we possess the awareness of our own inevitable death. Of course, we don't know for sure that other creatures are not aware of their own mortality. But it's safe to say only humans have the capacity to express an existential dread of death.
Driftwood bones on the beach
  Terror Management Theory (TMT) is a branch of psychology that has arisen out of the work of social anthropologist Ernest Becker and his book, "The Denial of Death". The theory is that humans are uniquely conscious of their own mortality which generates existential dread.